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A restorative sleep helps the body to assimilate the day, consolidate memories, clean toxins from the body, produce hormones that are important for weight maintenance.

Our Night Therapy comes with the Happy Blend, a banana and cupuaçu concentrate that works as an inducer of melatonin, a hormone that stimulates sleep.

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Burn+ Control is an ally for a healthier and more fun life!

💫Have more energy to enjoy the summer
💫More willingness to play with the kids
💫More well-being with your own body

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A natural brain tonic, it stimulates concentration and memory, increases the ability to learn, improves brain function, decreases anxiety levels.

This is Marita Memory!

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Indications for consumption of Marita T-Seca:

🍵 Morning - 30 min. after the first meal

🍵 Afternoon - 30 min. before lunch

🍵Night - 30 min. after the last meal

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