After the latest developments in the Coronavirus COVID-19, the World Health Organization (OMS) declared the disease to be Pandemic. Due to the great increase in confirmed cases in Europe, to combat this situation we have developed some precautionary and preventive practices, with the aim of ensuring the health and well-being of all of us:
  • We continue to work to receive your orders and indicate that deliveries in European territory continue to be carried out normally;
  • Visits to the company only for delivery / collection of goods or when requested by a company employee;
  • Use phone / email for any clarification;
  • Do not visit the company if you have any symptoms related to COVID-19, if you have been in contact with someone who is suspicious, or has been confirmed to have contracted the infection;
  • Do not visit the company without authorization, if you have traveled in the last 14 days to areas / countries that are affected by COVID-19
  • Avoid physical contact for greetings.
Throughout this process, it will be our constant concern not to harm customers, suppliers and employees. Marita Store thanks you for your cooperation and understanding so that with these measures the return to normality is as soon as possible.
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The Marita Network

Marita Network Marita is one of the largest direct selling companies in the natural and functional products segment.
Currently, the sales force is made up of more than 200,000 people spread across the world in more than 33 countries and expanding rapidly. Its main differential is to help the greatest number of people achieve their dreams, to value people before profits, believing that success comes as a consequence in loving and helping others, a philosophy today adopted by all distributors, executives and employees from the company. Independent distributors of the Marita brand buy products directly from the company and resell them for a suggested minimum price. Resellers work flexible hours and set their own pace, being independent in the way they act. Marita provides several opportunities, from resale profit to a solid career path with a unique business model, through e-commerce. Marita has a multilevel bonus system that generates earnings with each purchase that can be reversed in cash or discounts on personal purchases.

Online portal of Marita stores

This online platform allows the Customer/User to make purchases of Marita products and after paying for them, receive them at the address of their choice. The Marita Store is an online store portal selling products from the Marita brand. Each store is operated by an authorized independent distributor. The products available in all stores are equal in characteristics and prices. However, each distributor establishes the payment methods and the way of shipping the products.
When purchasing any product or service on the Marita Store online portal, you are purchasing from a single distributor, duly identified with the distributor code, name, address, email and telephone contact. The purchase/sale relationship is established exclusively between the Customer/User and the Independent Distributor. The Marita Store does not receive the purchase values ​​of the Customer/Users or any sales commission. Products are shipped directly from the address of the Independent Distributor to the address of the Customer/User. The Marita Store and its underlying company, Markezonel Lda, serves as the provider of the IT solution that allows the online portal of independent Marita stores to operate. The reason for creating this portal is to establish a place on the Internet where Marita's independent distributors can, in a safe, efficient and practical way, and using the best digital tools and procedures, establish a close relationship with their customers.
Mário Filipe Dias | Gerente
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The website available at, aka "MARITA STORE" is owned by Markezone - Soluções Informáticas, Unipessoal Lda.
Markezone is an Authorized Independent Distributor of Marita with authorization number 78673378-79.
We are a private company. The Markezone designation is a registered trademark as a national trademark with nº 470940 granted by the National Institute of Industrial Property. The content of this website is subject to Copyright and Related Rights and Industrial Property Rights, and cannot be used outside the permitted conditions. Our website, the ones we develop for our customers and the underlying software are owned by Markezone - Soluções Informáticas, Unipessoal Lda, headquartered at Praceta Maria Luísa Canavarro, 50 - 4445-506 Ermesinde, Portugal and NIPC: 509835384.
Markezone's performance is reflected in the effort of its team with specialized and competent human resources, in the establishment of quality standards and in the creation of a work environment receptive to innovation, favoring the constant updating of knowledge by its staff.
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