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Marita Coffee Memory

Marita Coffee Memory (100g) is a gourmet soluble coffee with Gotu Kola and Bacopa Monnieri that stimulates intelligence, concentration, reflexes and memory. Replace your traditional coffee with Marita Coffee and have more benefits in your daily life.

With Marita Coffee Memory you learn faster and remember more easily!
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Bacopa Monnieri
Bacopa Monnieri is a bushy plant with small white flowers. It develops in South Asian countries like: India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, China. In India, it has been used as Ayurvedic medicine for centuries to stimulate memory and other brain functions.
  • Natural brain tonic;
  • Stimulates concentration and memory;
  • Reduces anxiety levels;
  • It has the potential to increase the ability to learn and develop brain function;
  • Helps in the treatment of Epilepsy;
  • Slows down effects of Alzheimer's disease;
  • It fights depression and stress.
Gotu Kola
Gotu Kola or also known as Asian Spark is a plant of Indian origin, in Ayurvedic medicine it has been associated with longevity and healthy living. Another beneficial factor is the health of blood vessels and the stimulation of memory, however, its importance in the recovery of connective tissue, skin disorders, skin ulcers and cellulite has been studied, with its scientifically proven benefits.
  • Stimulates intelligence, concentration, reflexes and memory;
  • Natural antioxidant;
  • Reduces Hypertension;
  • Reduces about 20% of anxiety levels;
  • Natural antidepressant;
  • Collaborates in cellulite treatments;
  • Prevents muscle contractions (cramps);
  • Strengthens the adrenal glands;
  • It is suggested against insomnia;
  • Because it contains triterpenoids, it helps in the healing of skin conditions.
Marita Coffee Memory
  • 1 shallow teaspoon or a coffee spoon filled with marita memory coffee.
  • 250ml of water.
  • Sweeten to taste (we suggest Marita Stevia).
  • Consume hot or cold;
  • Consume up to 30 minutes before main meals.
Exchange your traditional coffee for Marita Coffee Memory and have more health and wellbeing.