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Marita Drink Night Therapy

Marita Chá Night Therapy is complementary to Marita Chá Day, present in the Ginger Lemonade and Spicy Berries options, because it will work while you sleep and also when you are awake.

Marita Night Therapy is produced with selected raw materials. Passion fruit powder, coconut milk powder, soluble fiber, banana powder, avocado oil powder, cupuaçu powder, citric acid acidulant and stevia sweetener.

It can be used separately from Drink Day for people who need to improve sleep quality, quality of life and for the benefits. It can also be used by pregnant and lactating women.

You will feel much better, lighter and healthier.

Modern drink for your night's sleep, passion fruit flavor with a special touch of cupuaçu from the Brazilian forests. Made for you who seek to have results in your diet and understand that invigorating sleep needs to be an ally.

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  • With proven efficacy tests;
  • 24 hours of action in the body, 1 dose a day and a dose at night;
  • Soluble, with stevia, 100% natural, delicious;
  • Sustainability in production;
  • Nourishing and slimming without aggression to health;
  • Microencapsulation technology, causing the actives to be absorbed into the body without nutritional losses, also protecting at low and high temperatures, and can be used hot or cold, in frozen and cooked or baked recipes up to 300º for up to 1h as long as you obey to the recommended dose.