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Marita Coffee Green

Soluble mixture of 100g of gourmet coffee, green coffee and yerba mate.

Green coffee is a bean rich in chlorogenic acid, extracted from the coffee before it is roasted.
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Green coffee
It is a grain rich in chlorogenic acid, which prevents the body from absorbing the sugar present in food and this effect forces the body to seek energy in the fat deposits themselves.
  • Speeds up metabolism;
  • Reduces glucose absorption;
  • Promotes fat burning;
  • Fights free radicals;
  • Promotes cell cleanliness;
  • Helps in the fight against diabetes;
  • Prevents premature aging;
  • Detoxifies the body;
  • Better layout:
  • Fight cellulite.
Yerba Mate
Yerba Mate or Ilex Paraguariensis is a plant grown in southern Brazil. It has potassium, amino acids and vitamins. Contains caffeine, theobromine, folic acids, tannins, minerals and vitamins A, B1, B2, C and E.
  • Collaborates in cardiovascular health:
  • Offers more physical resistance;
  • Helps to slow aging;
  • It has a diuretic action;
  • Acts as an antioxidant;
  • Speeds up metabolism;
  • Stimulates brain function;
  • Facilitates digestion;
  • Improves blood circulation;
  • Stimulates the release of serotonin.
How to prepare Marita Coffee Green
  • 1 shallow teaspoon or a coffee spoon filled with Marita Coffee Green.
  • 250ml of water.
  • Sweeten to taste (we suggest Marita Stevia).
  • Consume hot.
  • Consume up to 30 minutes before main meals.
  • Take 3x a day for weight loss (minimum of 2x).
Replace your traditional coffee with Café Marita Verde and be much healthier.