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Marita Coffee 3.0 Plus

Classified as a Food Supplement, Marita Coffee 3.0 Plus has approved and proven functionality. It is the evolution of Marita Coffee Burn+Control with the same purpose of reducing fat absorption and with Lipo effect, now with a 59% increase in its main active ingredient, for an even greater effect.

The only coffee on the market with 7g/day of Psylipo. The only psyllium on the market with 100% bioavailability. The only one with quantified and proven assets!
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Benefitscafe marita 3 0 plus teaser

  • Methylxanthines: thermogenics that accelerate metabolism and promote weight reduction;
  • Polyphenols: Antioxidant;
  • Saponins: Appetite suppressant;
  • Anthocyanins: Fat reducer, especially abdominal;
  • Xanthones: Reduces BMI by de-inflaming fat cells.
Does not contain:
  • Sugar;
  • Gluten;
  • Lactose;
  • Trans fats.

How does the product work?

Café 3.0 Plus has a lipo effect and acts on existing fat through Alpha-Mangostino. Its action is scientifically proven, reducing the number of fat cells and their size. When the meal is consumed, the encapsulated Psy Lipo comes into action, coming into contact with gastric juice and filling part of the stomach, promoting satiety. It captures fat and carbohydrates, preventing part of them from being absorbed by the body. Finally, ileXX has an ''anti-saboteur'' effect, controlling appetite and preventing excessive calorie consumption.
It is the only one with a Table of Phytonutrients (Active) that guarantee functionality:
  • CAFFEINE: Energy;
  • METHYLXANTHINES: Group of powerful thermogenics that accelerate metabolism and promote weight loss;
  • THEOPHYLLINE: Used in combination medications and has a secondary effect on weight loss;
  • THEOBROMINE: Energetic effect, raises our levels of dopamine and serotonin, increasing good mood and helping to lose weight;
  • POLYPHENOLS: Antioxidants for the proper functioning of the body;
  • SAPONINS: Strong appetite suppressant comparable to anti-obesity medications;
  • ANTOCYANINS: Reduces fat, especially abdominal fat;
  • XANTHONES: Reduces BMI by de-inflaming fat cells. Selected ingredients Instant coffee, psyllium powder, soluble yerba mate and natural aroma of garcinia mangostana.

1 - How many times a day can it be consumed?
We recommend a daily consumption of 3 cups of 250ml, if you already have the habit of consuming more 3 cups of coffee per day, you can consume normally.

2 - Are there any restrictions or contraindications?
This product is not recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children. Consume preferably under the guidance of a doctor or nutritionist.
Consumption of this product must be accompanied by fluid intake.

3 - Can hypertensive people consume it?
Yes, but a doctor should be consulted.

4 - What is the correct way to prepare?
1 level dessert spoon (or a measure from our measuring spoon), dissolved in 250 ml of water or milk.

5 - How many doses does one can yield?
Yields approximately 18 doses.

6 - Can it be consumed with milk?
Yes it can.

7 - What is the product's shelf life?
24 months and once opened, consume within 30 days.

8 - Can I drink coffee at night?
If you already drank coffee at night, you can.

9 - Can it be consumed cold?
Yes, we recommend using cold water instead of room temperature.

PSY LIPO®psy lipo

Psylipo® has an exclusive micro-encapsulation technology that allows its action to be much more precise and effective than other Psylliums.
  • It has a 30x expansion capacity in the stomach, which promotes fat capture and elimination;
  • Reduces Cholesterol;
  • Helps with weight loss;
  • Promotes intestinal regulation;
  • Decreases the speed of glucose absorption, increasing the body's satiety time and reducing the glycemic index of the meal.

ALFA MANGOSTINO®alfa mangostino

Considered by many experts to be a complete fruit, which provides a range of vitamins, minerals and substances that have a high antioxidant power.
  • Inhibits the formation of dietary fat;
  • Inhibits the accumulation of fat;
  • Reduces circumference by reducing adipose tissue mass;
  • Antioxidant;
  • Helps with weight loss.