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Marita Drink Ginger Lemonade

Ginger Lemonade Tea (day dose) acts as a thermogenic drink, capable of accelerating metabolism and promoting the burning of body fat.

Marita Ginger Lemonade is produced from selected raw materials. Powdered ginger, powdered lemon, powdered green coffee, powdered green mate, powdered red orange, powdered guarana, powdered acai, pepper powder, mint powder, powdered green tea, powdered coffee leaf and sweetener Stévia.

For the recommended 24h action, take Marita Drink Night Therapy as well.

Lose weight without having to change your routine!
48,00 €
8,98 €
  • With proven effectiveness tests;
  • 24h of action in the body, 1 dose of the day and one dose of the night;
  • Soluble, with stevia, 100% natural, delicious;
  • Production of sustained origin;
  • Nourishing and losing weight without harming health;
  • Microencapsulation technology, causing the assets to be absorbed in the body without nutritional losses, also protecting at low and high temperatures, and can be used hot or cold, in frozen and cooked or baked recipes up to 300º for up to 1h provided that it obeys the recommended dose.
  • Proanthocyanidins (Polymeric) - Reduction of visceral fat (Açaí).
  • 5-QCA - Weight loss (Coffee bean).
  • Xanthones / Mangiferin - Blood glucose regulation (Coffee leaf).
  • Hydroxinamic Acid - Reduction of measurements (Moro Orange). Reduction of visceral fat.
  • Caffeine - Thermogenic (Guarana).
  • Theobromine - Increased feeling of satiety (Yerba Mate).
  • Ginger Lemonade - Thermogenic (Ginger and lemon).
  • Reduction of visceral fat;
  • Weight reduction;
  • Blood glucose regulation;
  • Reduction of body fat;
  • Reduction of hepatic steatosis;
  • Reduction of measures;
  • Natural thermogenic;
  • Increased satiety (compared to sibutramine);
  • Natural diuretic;
Take 1 serving per day - 1 scoop (included) of 7.5g in the morning between 10 am and 11 am (do not take it on an empty stomach) or up to 30 minutes before lunch.
7h to 8h of restful and restful sleep, makes the body fulfill its functions of absorbing nutrients effectively, consolidating and storing memories, cleaning accumulated toxins, producing and balancing hormones needed in the metabolism, mainly:
  • Ghrelin: hormone produced by stomach cells, acts on the hypothalamus, stimulates the release of the GH hormone, controls appetite and energy balance, ghrelin decreases in overweight people, causing excessive food consumption.
  • Leptin: hormone produced by fat cells (adipose tissue), the more body fat, the greater the amount of leptin. In overweight people, the amount of leptin is high, but there is resistance to leptin due to inflammation conditions and not having enough receptors for this hormone in the central nervous system, triggering binge eating because the hypothalamus does not receive leptin information for reduce power.
  • GH: growth hormone, produced by the hypophase, its adequate production in adulthood improves the increase of lean mass, reduction of body fat, improves physical capacity in general.
Water is essential to life, it is it that hydrates the organism and without it the cells are left without substrate to perform their functions, mainly detox. Yes, it is our liver and kidneys that detox, through the presence of water and antioxidants and these toxins are excreted by sweat and urine.
How to calculate your daily requirement (it depends on your weight):
  • Minimum water per day: your weight x 0.030. Example: 80kg x 0.035 = 2,800l per day.
  • Maximum water per day: your weight x 0.045. Example: 80kg x 0.045 = 3,600l per day.
Consuming within the average of the calculations, you can divide the amount of water by the hours you are awake, so you will distribute the water in a calm way and without causing kidney overload. For example: if you stay awake 12h a day and have to drink 3,600l of water: 3,600 / 12 = 300ml of water per hour.
  • Do I need to use the 3 Drinks? No, the program consists of 1 serving of the day and 1 serving of the night, we have 2 drinks of the day so you can choose the flavor that suits you best.
  • Can I use the two Drinks of the day and can I use it more than once a day? Yes, you can use alternating days, since they have the same benefit. There is no problem using it more than once a day, but there is no need. Do not cause excesses.
  • Can I continue drinking Café Marita? Yes you can, for benefits, 2 daily doses.
  • Can I drink alcohol? Yes, the tea is 100% natural.
  • Does it take the effect of the contraceptive or other medication? No, the assets have no interaction with medications.
  • I have already reached the ideal weight, do I need to continue with the Drink? All weight loss needs maintenance to consolidate results, maintenance consists of 30 days for each kg eliminated.
  • I do intermittent fasting, can I use it? I do Low Carb and or Ketogenic, can I use it? Yes it can, inside the feeding window, it also helps a lot in the ketosis process.
  • What is the yield of each can? 20 doses; each can comes with 150g, the daily dose of each tea is 7.5g.