After the latest developments in the Coronavirus COVID-19, the World Health Organization (OMS) declared the disease to be Pandemic. Due to the great increase in confirmed cases in Europe, to combat this situation we have developed some precautionary and preventive practices, with the aim of ensuring the health and well-being of all of us:
  • We continue to work to receive your orders and indicate that deliveries in European territory continue to be carried out normally;
  • Visits to the company only for delivery / collection of goods or when requested by a company employee;
  • Use phone / email for any clarification;
  • Do not visit the company if you have any symptoms related to COVID-19, if you have been in contact with someone who is suspicious, or has been confirmed to have contracted the infection;
  • Do not visit the company without authorization, if you have traveled in the last 14 days to areas / countries that are affected by COVID-19
  • Avoid physical contact for greetings.
Throughout this process, it will be our constant concern not to harm customers, suppliers and employees. Marita Store thanks you for your cooperation and understanding so that with these measures the return to normality is as soon as possible.
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Unique opportunity to create wealth in a fast growing sector: Health and Wellness.
Become a Distributor
Are you a regular consumer of Marita?
Do you intend to lose weight healthy?
Are you going to diet together with someone?
Would you like to earn extra money?
Are you a fan of marketing and want to make a career at Marita?

Special Advantages

Buy cheaper;
No amount or minimum order value;
No obligations or loyalty;
Resell all Marita products with resale profit and a solid career plan.

Why Us?

We are the pioneer network in Europe;
We offer a personalized backoffice;
We built your Facebook page;
We produce images and marketing videos for you to use on social media;
Online monitoring and support;
We have health and wellness professionals to advise you and your clients;
Zoom video conferences for continuous training.

What I have to do?

Purchase an initial product package: the Activation Kit.
We have several, of different combinations and prices.
Then, at the Marita backoffice, you can buy all the products in the quantity you want.
You can also fill out the distributor registration form and a member of the team will help you choose the best kit and make your first purchase.

Presentation Marita

Video presentation of the business plan and Marita products.

Would you like to know more?

Call or send us a message. If you want, we'll call you back.
Call or send us a message. If you want, we'll call you back.