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Marita Cappuccino Fit with Coconut Milk

Marita Cappuccino Fit 300g is a soluble mixture for the preparation of cappuccino coffee based on powdered coconut milk with collagen. Marita Cappuccino Fit slims and also helps to fight stretch marks and cellulite. If you suffer from excess stretch marks or cellulite, the collagen will act directly on your skin, gradually returning the beauty, leaving it smooth.

Assists in natural weight loss, recommended for pregnant or lactating women
38,00 €
7,11 €
Marita Cappuccino Fit Composition
This delicious cappuccino is made up of the following ingredients
  • It has stevia and xititol;
  • It has protein / collagen;
  • It has coconut milk;
  • It has a fiber source.
How to prepare the Marita Cappuccino Fit
  • Dissolve 2 (two) shallow tablespoons of Marita Cappuccino Fit in 100ml of hot (or cold) water. As it is a soluble cappuccino coffee, it does not need to be strained, but only diluted in water.
  • You can have a cappuccino about thirty minutes before your main meals.
  • It is not necessary to sweeten, it is zero sugar and zero gluten, that is, it is a potential hyper mega slimming!
Benefits of Marita Cappuccino Fit
Some of the main benefits of Marita Cappuccino Fit:
  • It is a slimming aid in natural weight loss.
  • It is a rejuvenator, smoothing the skin, helping to fight cellulite and stretch marks, and delaying premature aging.
  • It is a bowel regulator, rich in fibers. If you don't go to the bathroom every day, Marita Cappuccino Fit will solve your problem.
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can Marita Capuccino Fit replace regular coffee? A: Yes, of course. Not to mention that at any time of the day there is nothing like a great cappuccino to drink.
  2. Is Marita's Capuccino Flavor good? A: It's delicious! One of the best Cappuccinos I've ever tried.
  3. Marita Capuccino Fit Do you lose weight? A: Yes, he is an excellent slender.
  4. Does Marita Capuccino Fit come with sugar? A: No, but he is already slightly sweet due to his winning formulation. That is, it is zero sugar and gluten, which is why it is so healthy and tasty.
  5. Is Marita Capuccino Fit a Collagen? A: Yes, it has collagen in its formulation, as it helps in the treatment of stretch marks and cellulite, leaving the skin smooth and smooth.
  6. How many grams can the Cappuccino Marita Fit can? A: The can has 300 grams.
  7. How many doses does a can yield? A: 300 grams, approximately 30 doses.
  8. What is the expiry date after opening? A: After opening, consume within 30 days.
  9. Does the product contain gluten? A: Does not contain gluten.
  10. Can it be consumed with milk? A: Yes, you can.